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The SuperOptimist Guide to Unconventional Living

ISBN: 0-9774807-8-X
ISBN 13 DIGIT: 978-0-9774807-8-4
202 pages
Price: $12.95


Whether it’s checking our phones, working at repetitive tasks, binge-watching television, or wearing shoes, a majority of our time is tethered to social constructs that have become calcified over time. Estimates now place 89% of our brain function as habitual reactions to circumstance. The SuperOptimist Guide to Unconventional Living offers 105 wisdom transmissions to free the mind and revive the spirit through natural means. An eclectic assortment of experiments, activities and meditations, here you’ll find unique ways to disengage from the commonplace and refresh your neural pathways. By adopting a daily program of “positive self-provocation,” you’ll easily sidestep the status quo — with positivity, humor and spirit intact.

Praise for SuperOptimist Book One:

"One of our numerous resolutions is to be more optimistic, so when we got a copy of this hysterical book, we knew we were on the right track."

"This volume could become the self-help of choice for people who don’t read self-help. A quirky, unique primer, it provides more than 100 points of advice for achieving SuperOptimism, defined as “the mental discipline to reframe any situation into a favorable outcome.” Morton and Whitten provide plenty of fresh perspective from way out in left field."

"Incredibly smart and funny...Our favorite secret? Saving the truth for special occasions."

"A host of fresh insights that manage to enlighten and entertain.”