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Vitally Important is an autonomous seeker of essential truths and fictions intended to elicit the following:

  1. Enlighten the reader to some heretofore-unexamined fact or phenomena.
  2. Lift the spirit, whether through practical knowledge, invention, humor, pathos, or poetics.
  3. Stir something in the abdomen that tingles, but does not burn.
  4. Come packaged in a pleasing envelope or container, with no grievous misspellings or grammatical oversights.
  5. Not put you to sleep before your standard bedtime.

If you'd like to comment on anything you feel is of vital importance to you, the world, or an imaginary friend, please send us a posting here. You might well find yourself on display in our exhibition hall.

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In terms of full-length submissions for future publication, our skeleton crew is happy to review your work, although it may take awhile. But if this doesn't dissuade you from sending us something, please forward whatever you'd like to

Or mail to:

Vitally Important
PO Box 296
Fairfield, CT 06824

Submissions cannot be returned, but will be kept in a room free from smoke or water damage.