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“Funny, earnest, and poignant?” That’s what Publishers Weekly says.

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Vitally Important is pleased to announce  the publication of our newest book, which even has the word “Book” in it’s title.  ‘The Book of Extremely Common Prayer” offers  proof that God is all ears, whether it be a matter of life and death or simply a minor traffic violation.  Thus far it’s received stellar notices from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus, but we’re most interested in finding out your reaction.  “Extremely Common Prayer” is available in both print and ebook formats from our friends at amazon.  And god bless you for checking it out.


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In art, as in life, a “happy accident” occurs when something unexpectedly good comes from what would otherwise be considered a mistake.


Excerpts from the “Random Numbers” project.

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There are 22 cranial and facial bones that make up the human skull.

In 1812 Beethoven composed  “Drei Equali” requiring 4 trombones.  It was performed at his own funeral procession.

Typically, it’s wise to have at least 8 place settings for dinner parties.

Dogs of similar size and purpose to the modern beagle can be traced back to Greece in the 5th century BC.

 You can hide your phone number on outgoing calls by pressing *31 followed by the number.


This Can’t Be. No, really. It can’t.

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Their eponymously titled debut (and finish, as The Corpsemen did not last past these 4 songs and one video), is a punk rock summary of what it was like to be a high school outsider in the late 70s. I get the feeling these guys listened to the Ramones and the Runaways by way of the Delfonics.

But the real question is, how did this band, the knowledge of which has been zero and zilch until the discovery of a cassette tape stuck between the seat cushions of a 1978 Chevy Nova, wind up being portrayed in the novel “American Ghoul” by Walt Morton? I mean, “novel” last I checked, means “fiction”, which means the band “The Corpsemen” and the members of aforementioned band — Sebastian Jones (singer/guitarist), Howard Pickman (bass), Dwayne Garcia (drums) and Gerald Spaznek (not sure what Gerald plays, thinks its some of the strange noises so I guess synthesizer) — are not flesh and blood creatures who actually walked the earth but are characters of the imagination dreamt up by author Morton.

To go one step farther, what if Walt Morton is a fictional character as well? Or this “novel” is actually an account of what really happened in 1978? What if there’s a ghoul sitting right next to you on the subway, right now? How could you tell? You couldn’t! So long as this cassette is still (barely) operable, I’m going to transfer its contents to the obligatory 1’s and 0’s and get The Corpsemen music out there anyway. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Or think I did. If I exist. You get the picture…